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Evolve Pro Tour Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations set forth by the Evolve Pro Tour are there to provide fairness and transparency for all players.



Players can sign up for tournaments online by going to our Winter Series website.



Final tournament entry confirmation is when the tournament entry amount has been paid and received in full as cleared funds

Please keep a printed receipt for your records of all online transactions.



The Evolve Pro Tour tournaments will have approximately the following prize money breakdown (depending on the level of course supplements being charged by tournament venues over any given series of events) these venue supplements will be averaged out over any given tournament series by Evolve Pro Tour to provide a consistent and fair prize money structure for all tournaments, prize money will be based upon the official entry list after the official registration the day before the event and will be published on site at the tournament office before completion of the first round.

Professional entries shall have the following calculation - entry fee less average green fee for series, then calculated 70% prize fund.

Amateur entries shall have the following calculation - entry fee less average green fee for series, then calculated 30% prize fund.


Approximate Prize Money (based on 90 players)


€20,000 (54 Hole Events)   €17,000 (36 Hole Events)  €8,000 (18 Hole Events)


Prize Funds published above are approximate and based on full fields (90 professional entries). If less than 90 professional players register the scale above will be used and each position based on the total prize fund will be reduced accordingly. If the tournament director allows the field to increase with sufficient daylight the number of players and prize fund will increase accordingly. See payout scale below. Thomas Sabo Watches are limited to 1 Mens and 1 Womens watch per calendar year due to availability and will published on the prize money breakdown at each tournament.




110+            40 Players

100-109       35 Players

90-99           30 Players

80-89           27 Players

70-79           24 Players

60-69           21 Players

50-59           18 Players


CONTINGENCY FUND- No contingency fund will be applied on any winnings



Players have agreed when registering and booking that they are responsible for their own withholding and income tax or VAT in the country where the tournament is being played (if applicable) and also in their own respective countries. Prize Money will be paid by bank transfer within 05 days after the completion of an event, players must provide accurate IBAN and SWIFT code information to the Evolve Pro Tour tournament office.



  • The fields are maximized to 110 players + 4 invites

  • Open to both men and lady professionals and amateurs with a acceptable handicap.



The PGA recognised 8% - 15% distance reduction rule for lady competitors will be in effect for all events. Example a 6500 course will then be set between 5525 - 5950  also a 3 - 10% distance reduction will be applied for senior players (aged 48 or over) for all events.

Evolve Pro Tour will assess each venue and decide on an appropriate distance reduction for each category which will reflect the length and difficulty of the course, we aim to provide a fair and competitive tournament for all participants.



We do not currently operate a cut, as it is our policy to give players the best preparation that we can for the upcoming European season.



The entry fee for Evolve Pro Tour events are as follows:
Professional €395.00 for (54 Hole Events) €295 for (36 Hole Events) 

Amateur €295.00 for (54 Hole Events) €245 for (36 Hole Events)

Elite Junior Players €295.00 for (54 Hole Events) €245 for (36 Hole Events) 

Included are all match fees and driving range balls prior to tee off on tournament days

  • Entries for each tournament close at 12.00 hrs. 7 days prior to the first tournament day.If spots are still available after this time players must directly contact the Evolve Pro Tour office. Entry deadline will be extended if a position is still available for those not already entered.

  • Entries must be made through



No Membership Required.



  • Players Must register online at

  • Registration and confirmation can only be done online.

  • Players need to be aware that registration requires payment of entry fee/ or deposit. Major credit cards and/or debit cards are accepted.



Withdrawal from a tournament must be made by contacting the tour office.

The following penalty fees apply:
  • Cancellations made less than 14 and more than 7 days at 18:00 – 150€

  • Cancellations made less than 7 days and more than 48 hours at 18:00 – € 200

  • Cancellations made 48 hours or less – No refund*

  • If a player finds a substitute to take his spot all cancellation fees will be waived

  • Withdrawal due to start in higher ranked tournament (CT or ET) played at the same time is ALWAYS accepted.

  • Once an entrant has teed off refund of entry is not possible.



  • Players who start in a Evolve Pro Tour tournament and miss the cut are permitted to act as caddy for other players in the same tournaments.

  • No Golf shoes are to be worn by caddies.



  • The”one ball condition” applies to all tournaments. This means that the player has to play with the same mark, compression and cover during the whole round, not during the whole tournament.

  • The starter will make a note of which ball the player is using.



  • The 5 best players and the top amateur have to attend the prize giving ceremony.

  • The 5 best players and the top amateur shall also be available for an eventual press conference. Non-compliance with this regulation will incur a fine of no less than €500.



  • The 50 highest ranked players, incl. players with ET and CT categories will be picked for the pre tournament Pro-Am.

  • The tour office holds the right to pick players amongst all entries, and alter the terms of participation.

  • A player may, prior to the tournament, ask for exemption if the Pro-Am day conflicts with his appearance in an equal or higher ranked tournament ( Challenge tour or European tour).

  • Exemptions will only be considered if the other tournament ends on the same day as the Evolve Pro Tour Pro-Am. Exemption can only be granted by the tournament director.

  • Other exemptions will only be considered/granted, if the player prior to the last day of entry, in writing sends his request to the

  • All players participating in the Pro-Am are required to attend the dinner and prize giving ceremony, which for the afternoon flight will be concluded by 21.00 hrs at the latest.

  • All Pro Ams will have a break down of prize monies/ and or prizes (To be announced at each event)



The following rules apply:
  • R & A Rules of Golf.

  • European Tour Tournament Regulation 

  • Additional Local - and Tour Rules



The use of GPS and laser devices are permitted during all rounds.



Devices with slope and height measures are NOT permitted.



  • When registration has closed by 18.00 hrs 48 hours prior to a tournament, players on reserve should be reachable on their telephone between 18.00-23.00 hrs.

  • If a player does not answer, the tour office holds the right to contact the next player on standby.



Immediately after the round is completed, the score cards must be returned at the recording area. If a score card is not returned within 30 minutes after the completion of the round the player will be disqualified.



Tee-Off times will be announced on ,no later than 17.00 hrs. the day prior to the tournament.



  • Criticism of the course, sponsor, tour or tournament committee will be subject to a fine of minimum €100. Any complaints shall be addressed to the tournaments director only.

  • Improper behavior on the course will incur a fine of minimum €100.

  • Rules officials, Tournament Director and fellow competitors have the right to report breach of conduct. The decision rests with the Tournament Director.

  • Professionals are required to dress in an appropriate manner. No short trousers are permitted.



  • Any player returning scores of +10 or higher for three or more times within a period of 3 events, may be refused entry to the next Evolve Pro Tour event.

  • WD, in the same tournament, after rounds of +10 or higher, will be counted as a round +10.



BAD TIME WARNINGS REGISTER To include all players who were timed because they may be playing slowly Players are now only allowed 40 seconds for a tee shot, except on Par 3′s where they have 50 seconds for the first player only. Second shots stay as before. Players appearing on this list 3 times will be fined €250. This will double with further instances.



The Evolve Pro Tour staff will make every effort to complete all rounds of the tournament as scheduled. Occasionally,circumstances such as bad weather or lack of daylight do not allow the completion of rounds. All players must complete a minimum of 18 holes for the event to be considered official. If these goals are not met, an effort to reschedule the event will be considered, if rescheduling is not possible, a full refund less administrative costs will be issued to each player.



Based on official prize money

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